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Come experience a made for Signals gamified brain wave experience! SinkInSync presents the design and prototype of a cross-person EEG neurofeedback experience.

This generative gamified platform uses one user’s brainwave data to procedurally render 3D scenes and passively displays visual cues that are synchronized with the real-time brainwave frequency to another user. With the platform, we aim to enhance cognitive and emotional social connectedness during remote interactions via external cues for brainwave synchronization between pairs of individuals and through pair-based gamification. Exclusive Experience for Signals




Xin Feng, Meta, Harvard University
Xin Feng is a creative technologist and multidisciplinary designer who currently works at Meta Reality Labs. Her research areas cover social well-being, affective computing and her work spans a mixture of game/web development and XR prototyping, with an emphasis on human-centered multimodal experiences that connect the digital and physical realms.


Tiange Wang, IDEO, Harvard University

Tiange Wang is an award-winning and internationally-exhibiting designer and creative technologist who currently works at IDEO. Her work bridges the digital and physical worlds via creative data vis, phygital user interfaces, biofeedback XR, AI games, unmanned retail, as well as human-centered experiences that transform businesses.


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